5 of the Best Vegan Baking Blogs

Yes, I know. It’s more vegan baking content from me. I am sort of sorry. I’ve always loved baking and I love cooking and trying new receipts, so it’s really no surprise that once I found my groove in lockdown (I’m still working normal office hours), I turned back to cooking and baking to keep my brain busy at weekends.

I also know that not all the people who visit my blog or follow me online are vegan/plant based and that’s totally fine by me! But even before I went vegan I often used vegan baking recipes, because if you pick the right ones they use pretty simple ingredients – no need to go out and buy eggs. I also like that often recipes will ask for “milk”, and yet in the vegan world, there are so many different types – most of which are totally interchangeable.

Lockdown is a great time to try out some vegan baking as a lot of people are, rightly so, limiting trips to the supermarket. So if you’re relying on store cupboards for your baking supplies, you might find that vegan baking is actually more simple than recipes that use dairy.

I’ve included a list of my 5 “go-to” vegan food blogs. These aren’t my recipes, they’re just the websites I find myself coming back to over and over again and saving the links on my phone.

I have a folder saved on my phone home screen where I add the links (click “add to home screen” and then drop it in) to recipes I see online and want to try. Then once I’ve tried them and know I like them, I add them to a handwritten recipe book I keep, of all my favourites!

In no particular order..

Lucy and Lentils

Lucy makes it to the top spot as I’ve spent the afternoon making her glorious cinnamon buns recipe, which is pictured below. Her blog has heaps of savoury and sweet recipes, but I find her baking recipes really easy to follow, often with very normal ingredients. Her Instagram is also a complete joy and will make you want to make all of her recipes, immediately.

Vegan cinnamon buns - Becausenicole.com

Vegan cinnamon buns - Becausenicole.com

Two Spoons

I had to include Hannah on this post because her mac and cheese recipe is the only one I use now. It ticks all the boxes for me – cheesy, silky and thick. This also happens to be on my menu for tonight. In fact you’ve probably seen me waffling on about this recipe online. Try it for yourself and see why!!

Minimalist Baker

If you’re into baking at all then this blog doesn’t really need much of an introduction. She’s been around for years and was, for me, one of the first really accessible vegan food blogs I found myself endlessly scrolling. A word of caution – not all the recipes on this site are vegan, but they are all really, really good. There’s a shortcut at the top of the blog which takes you straight to all the vegan recipes – or click here.

Rabbit and Wolves

More well known for their savoury food (including a fab spicy peanut ramen), Rabbit and Wolves also have a vegan baking section, which includes such joys as vegan cherry thyme hand pies and trail mix cookies.

Lazy Cat Kitchen

A very easy to navigate blog with loooads and loads of vegan baking (and savoury recipes). Ania’s recipes are super easy to follow and the food photography is so lovely. Highlights from the blog include vegan sticky toffee pudding and her spiced plum loaf.

Vegan baking blogs - Becausenicole.com

So that’s my round up of my favourite vegan baking blogs – have you tried any of these recipes? Let me know in the comments – or suggest some more for me to check out!


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