5 Of The Best (FREE) Veganuary Meal Plans

As much as I wish I would write meal plans for other people (I sometimes do weekly plans for us at home) my skills don’t stretch quite that far. But, I have looked at many a meal plan in my life; especially since going vegan. So I’ve put together a list of 5 of my favourites all in one handy list.

If you’re looking for other useful veganuary resources, you can check out my recent post here.

In no particular order..

1. BOSH meal plan

The bosh recipe book was one of the first I bought when I went vegan and their Instagram account is a firm favourite of mine for inspiration for recipes.

Their meal plan recipes are easy to recreate and include a wide range of cuisines; mostly using normal ingredients.

The meal plan is split into 4 weeks and you can download each one separately. They include snacks (an absolute must in my book) and recipe highlights include: homemade Granola, shepherd’s pie and protein packed chilli.

To download – click here and enter your email for access.

2. Veganuary meal plan

Direct from veganuary themselves, this was the first meal plan I ever read and helped me plan my first few weeks of veganism (and food shopping! A bonus of the veganuary plans is that they have lots of different options available – there’s a gluten free plan, family friendly plan, soy free, plans for people who love cooking, and one called “what real vegans eat”.

They’re all available from tbe website and you don’t need to enter your email to access them. They’re pretty, printable and come with a notes page. The online version has direct links to the recipes.

My favourite is the ‘love to cook’ meal plan which I recommend if you’re not afraid to try out new ingredients. Recipe highlights include: spicy bean and veg soup, lentil lasagne, tempeh sausage and heirloom tomatoes and sweet potato quaesadillas.

To see all the meal plans, click here.

3. Meera Sodha’s Guardian weekly meal plan

This one is a little less use friendly as it’s not set out in a happy little grid but it is worth reading through the article just for some amazing recipes.

Meera’s cooking is vegetable heavy and the article is links to lots of different recipes (not just her own), so a great healthy start to the year and also a great plan to look at if you’re not ready to go vegan but just want heaps of lovely veggie based recipes.

The article has click through links to the recommended recipes.It’s being published week by week and the link to week 1 is here.

Recipe highlights include: wild mushroom ragu with ziti, Thai green curry, and rice noodle salad with cucumber and poppy seeds.

4. Vegan Society 7 day plan

This one is great if cooking isn’t usually your thing. It’s a 7 day plan of 3 meals a day and although there aren’t specific recipes linked on the plan, what there are instead is lots of tips and advice about ingredients and nutrition and supplements.

The recipe ideas are easy to pop into Google and find your favourites and most of them are fairly simple and use cheap, store cupboard ingredients.

You can view the meal plan by clicking here.

5. Yum vegan lunches

The downside to this website is its a bit ad heavy so takes a while to load. However, I’ve included it because once you wade through all the text and ads, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll find the weekly plans.

They’re on nice graphics which you could easily print and stick in a recipe book or just use for inspiration.I like these ones because they include snack ideas and a nice range of food. The recipes are below the graphics and they’re split into weekly plans to make it easier to read through everything and download the bits you need.

The first 3 weeks are available on the site but you do need to enter your email address for week 4.

I’ve split the first 3 meal plan links into the weekly plans so you can avoid some of the unnecessary text and ads!

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

Hopefully you’ll find these useful for recipe inspiration this veganuary or to find ways to add more veg into your life!

Veganuary meal plans - Becausenicole.com


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