Plant pet club – plants on subscription (AD|Gifted)

Plants have boomed in popularity in the past few years and I am all for it. I’ve always loved a big old leafy green and Plant Pet Club have made it even easier to get hit foliage goals.

They’re a plant subscription service with heaps of different options available. They recently gifted me a plant so I could check out the options and let you know how easy it is to get the joy of plants at home. Here he is in his new spot

Plant pet club review -

Plant pet club review -

All of the options at Plant Pet Club are super low maintenance and easy to look after – ones that need little watering and are easy to place at home. Each plant comes with an easy care card so you don’t forget how to look after it and you can choose to have them delivered already in a nice pot so you don’t even need to go pot shopping!

Plant Pet Club can also let you know which plant pets are pet friendly which is a massive bonus for me because although not all of current our plants are dog friendly, I make sure that those ones are kept far away from Archie and Fox! As you might know, we already have quite a few plants (OK we have loads), but there’s always room for more!

If you choose the subscription option, they’ll build you up slowly and as you get further down the line they’ll also start to send fertilisers and tools to help you keep your plant pets happy and healthy. Once you’ve nailed the easy ones they’ll start to send you more exotic plants, but only once you’ve built up your plant parent confidence!

I really like that you can also choose to have 2 plants in grower pots or 1 in a nice display pot. They’ve got some great bundles to get you started in a new home like this air purifying bundle.

Anna, who runs Plant Pet Club is a total plant whizz and has a passion for the leafy greens! I can highly recommend them for any plant beginners out there, it’s such a good way to build up your green fingers!

If you fancy giving them a go, you can use code Nicole to get 10% off your order! Check out their website and Instagram for inspiration!


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