Life lately… And there’s been a lot going on!

It’s been a little while since I’ve sat in front of this battered little Macbook to write a whole actual blog post. I’ve still been doing my thing on Instagram but it honestly feels like the past few months of my life have been a bit of a whir; in the best possible way.

In August and early September I was focusing all of my energy on getting together my application for Fellowship to become a Lawyer, after many many years of studying and working as a Paralegal. That was coupled with spending lots of time at work getting things lined up ready to go on holiday in the middle of September.

Actually, since I started working at my current firm, the longest I’ve taken off of work in one go was just over a week – that is until now! We booked ourselves a two week trip to Bali as we hadn’t been able to go on holiday together for a while and wanted to treat ourselves.

It’s an unfortunate consequence of the type of work that I do (and lots of other jobs, I’m sure) that to go on holiday for an extended period, you have to put in lots of extra work to make sure everything is ship shape before you go away! But of course it’s all worth it!

We jetted off to Bali in the middle of September and spent two weeks sunning ourselves, eating fabulous food, admiring all the cute Balinese dogs and ticking off a few tourist spots along the way. You’ll probably know I’m not really one for writing detailed travel guides, but I promise I will write a separate post about what we got up to and to share some of our favourite snaps. If you want a sneak peak head to my Instagram!

It goes without saying that the absolute highlight of our trip was that while we were away, Adam popped the question and we got engaged! It was such an amazing surprise and the perfect place to do it as the trip was already going to be so memorable.

After the big Q, we had a couple of days to ourselves where only our families knew which was such a lovely feeling. Although announcing it to all of our friends was so so wonderful too – we got so many excited messages and it was the best feeling to feel so supported as a couple!

There might be a separate engagement post coming.. maybe.

Once we were home, which was a horrible jump back into the cold reality of Autumn in England, we pretty much just threw ourselves back into normal life.

Then, in late October, I got the amazing news that my Application had been approved and I am now a qualified Lawyer; a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives! I honestly can’t describe the feeling of knowing that a lot of very hard work over a very long time had finally paid off. Especially as the news came as a random email in the middle of a working day without warning!

I had to sneak off to a meeting room to call Adam as I wanted him to be the first person I told (him being my fiance and all.. haha.. eek). I could barely speak the words as I told him but MAN does it feel so good.

The funny thing about this sort of career in Law is that you spend a long time, whatever route you take, building up to qualification. Once it arrives though, it just starts the next part of your career and learning!

So having had two major life events take place within a month of each other, you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s it for now. Nope! We are now in the throws of starting to make plans to move next year and getting the house up together to sell, as well as starting to think about wedding planning for 2021.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve had an excuse for being off grid when it comes to blogging.. and that 2019 is going to be a tough year to beat!


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