Rosacea update – life after Soolantra

Without doubt the one thing I get asked about the most on my blog and also via a lot of Instagram DMs is how I found Soolantra as a rosacea treatment, whether I still use it, what my routine was and how things are now.

It would be really irresponsible of me to suggest that Soolantra is going to cure your rosacea and it won’t. Sorry but that just isn’t a thing.

But what might happen is that you might be lucky enough to have a great reaction to it and have it make a huge impact on your symptoms. Which is what happened to me and, honestly, it has made a huge difference.

To give a bit of background, I’ve had Type 2 acne rosacea since around 2013 – for me that manifested in redness across my cheeks (butterfly rash) and also acne type spots in the same areas. Generally speaking my skin is dry rather than oily and has always been a little bit on the sensitive side.

Using Soolantra

I wrote a little about this when I was first prescribed it and that post is here.Personally, I used a small amount (using lots won’t make it work any faster) on my “rosacea areas” every evening.The instructions say that you can use other products after Soolantra i.e. moisturiser, but I didn’t.

Partly because I was worried about stopping it working and partly because it’s actually quite a nice cream. It didn’t dry my skin out and it actually made it quite soft.

Side effects

You should read about this in the booklet before you use it.

Personally, I didn’t really have any. After about 2 weeks of using Soolantra I had a little bit of itching / borderline irritation around my jaw line and the side of my cheek but it was minor, so I carried on using it and it only lasted for a few days.

How long did it take to work?

I started to notice a change in the texture of my skin after a few weeks and I think after around 6 weeks, I noticed a huge difference.I saw my Dermatologist again a few months after starting it and he was pretty impressed by the results.

I was given a prescription to keep using it (which a GP can also give) but we decided I would slowly reduce my usage. After seeing my Dermatologist, every week I used it one less night until eventually I only used it once or twice a week as a top up.

Do I still use it?

I stopped using Soolantra completely after about 6/7 months and I no longer use it at all. I have a spare tube I keep at home because after all this time I really don’t trust my skin not to change again, but it’s more of a safety blanket these days!

All of that said, I still have Rosacea.

It doesn’t cure it – that’s not a thing.

I still flush red when I’m in strong UV (even if I use SPF), I still go very red when I exercise and there are still days when I can see the underlying redness; it hasn’t magically disappeared, it’s just far better.

On days I wear makeup (which isn’t all that often) you can’t really see it at all.

So here’s how my skin looks now (taken 06/08/2019) – this is totally makeup free (apart from mascara), no editing at all and taken on my lunch break at work (if anyone from work is reading this, the 3rd floor landing has great lighting for taking selfies – haha).

Rosacea update - life after Soolantra.

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