Jersey Boys musical at the Mayflower – review

This week I was very kindly invited along to the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton to see and review Jersey Boys. I was lucky to be given a ticket in exchange for my review.

Despite not having been to the theatre for a year or two, I’m no stranger to the experience of hurriedly buying snacks in the foyer, shuffling along to your seat and trying desperately not to knock people with your coat and bag on the way through. The anticipation of seeing the lights go down and hearing the first few notes to set the tone of the rest of the evening is so exciting. I’m an avid musical fan and was so delighted to have the opportunity to see Jersey boys.

I was also really excited to get back to the Mayflower Theatre as I actually haven’t been since they had a bit of a revamp and it looks fab.

If you’re not already familiar with the story of the Jersey Boys show, it’s a documentary style musical exploring the lives, creation and success of the Four Seasons band. Set in the 1960s, each member of the eventual line up has a chance to tell their story and from early on, it’s not difficult to become invested in their success early on.

Of course, the highlight is the vocals and the wonderfully put together set, which as you would be expect from an Olivier award winner, Jersey Boys seamlessly moves through the scenes and locations; including some love concert style scenes which I really enjoyed.

I am a sucker for harmonies and Jersey Boys absolutely delivers. Michael Watson plays Frankie Valli and cuts through the music with his distinct tone and impressive range; absolutely nailing hits like Big Girls Don’t Cry, Bye Bye Baby and Walk Like a Man.

The show is high energy and switches between hit tunes and showing the darker side of Tommy De Vitos money spending habits in the drop of a hat. It kept my interest all the way through and I couldn’t help but bop along in my seat to the music.

The rest of the cast do a brilliant job of portraying the mob and Tara Young as Frankie Valli’s long suffering wife, Mary Delgado.

I absolutely loved the show and loved that it can appeal to so many groups of people; the large crowd of ladies who danced around at the end during the encore, the couples reminiscing on the music and the younger audience, just there for the story and the marvellous singing.

Jersey Boys is at Southampton Mayflower until 30 March 2019 and you can get your hands on tickets here.


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