My top 5 Southampton vegan restaurants

It’s definitely no secret that I am a sucker for eating out. I love to cook but there’s nothing like treating yourself to a meal out, delivered or in a restaurant or bar – so I’ve put together a list of my top 5 Southampton vegan restaurants for anyone who fancies trying it out, can’t eat dairy, or is in fact a real life vegan!

Not all of the Southampton vegan restaurants in this post are solely vegan. As much as I wish there were that many completely vegan options, there aren’t! So instead this list is my favourite places to go that have decent vegan options on the menu.

There is a small caveat here that some of these restaurants have a cross contamination risk and some of the them use the same oil for cooking. Personally, that doesn’t bother me too much but I know that some people are not keen. So for those people, I recommend checking the individual menus for guidance.

Oh, and just so you know – this post isn’t in any way sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links!

Starting from 5th place..

5 – The Rockstone Pub

I’ve blogged about trying the food here before, when I went on wings night! That’s right, vegan wings! The Rockstone makes the list for their big amount of vegan options, enormous portions and relaxed atmosphere. ALSO, dog friendly, so a few extra points scored there!

The pub is independently owned and has a massive selection of craft beers and even more spirits behind the bar. The menu is huge and there’s loads of options to cover all bases. The vegan options include a long list of burgers, with vegan cheese options, plenty of vegan sides and starters and a really clearly labelled menu.

Rockstone vegan menu - BecauseNicole.comRockstone Vegan menu -

4 – Pizza Express

You might have seen some of the PR pizza express did this year about their vegan dough balls and their new vegan pizza options. I went along recently to try it out for the first time (side note: I have a taste card and pizza express have huge discounts). It was amazing.

They have a dedicated separate vegan menu which includes starters, sides, mains and deserts. There’s plenty of options to suit all tastes and, having a vegan dough ball option is fab. The dough balls come with a tomato based dip which is really flavourful. There are pasta dishes as well as 8 different pizzas and the pizzas even come with vegan cheese!

Pizza express vegan menu -

3 – All Bar One

Probably a surprise entry! But actually, All Bar One got on my radar at the beginning of the year when they had a collaboration with Veganuary and had a dedicated separate vegan menu, which I gladly went and tried out. The menu was so popular they extended it for a couple of months after January and now, although the menu is slightly smaller, it’s still there and incorporated into the main menu.

As you know, All Bar One is a huge chain across the UK and is predominantly a bar. But I was really excited to learn that their food is also great. The vegan options include dishes such as padron peppers, chilli tacos, mushroom tempura (one of my favourites!)

The most exciting part, though, is that All Bar One are now stocking the Beyond Meat burger! Massive WOOP. In fact, I tried my first one a couple of weekends ago  when it was launched and we had some food delivered at home. I was so excited to see it on the menu and it didn’t disappoint. I think it really shows a great dedication to having proper vegan options, too. That definitely moved them up the ranks in my Southampton vegan restaurants list.

All Bar One vegan menu -

All Bar One vegan menu -

2 – The Stable

A definite regular haunt of mine. Most of our team work lunches end up here because the food is great, is served quickly and they have some pretty solid vegan options. The Stable is a small group of restaurants with a super local vibe – the menus are all different and use local food where possible.

I went here earlier this year to try out a cider tasting experience, which was great fun. There are a few different vegan options available, including vegan brownies (YAS). Despite the options, though, I always find myself getting the same thing over and over. For me, it has to be the vegan hazelnutter pizza – vegan cheese, green beans and a sprinkling of hazelnuts over the top.

As well as the food, I love the vibe and decor in here. Come evening time, the candles are lit and you can squish all your friends in along one of the long wooden benches for cider, pizza (and pie!) and chats. I’d love to see them bring in a vegan pie at some point!

Stable Southampton vegan menu -

Stable Southampton vegan menu -

1 – Cafe Thrive

I mean, there was never going to be any competitor for the top spot, in my view. Cafe Thrive is 100% vegan, absolutely everything on the menu is vegan friendly and d e l i c i o u s. The  food is super fresh, great quality and reasonably priced. ALSO dog friendly!

The menu includes sandwiches, sweet treats (seriously check out the bakery counter), burgers, fries, salads, waffles and different weekly specials.

I honestly can’t get enough of the food here. And it’s so lush to be able to go somewhere and know that I don’t have to check ingredients and be wary of things getting mixed up. The cafe itself is independently owned, super cute inside and, awesome news, they are also about to open up another site in Bournemouth!

Even if you’re not vegan, I would really recommend checking Cafe Thrive out. There’s a reason that, even with so many awesome places to eat, they come top of the list for Southampton vegan restaurants.

Cafe Thrive - Top 5 Southampton Vegan Restaurants

So that’s it! Thats my top 5 Southampton vegan restaurants. Has anyone tried any of the vegan menus? Let me know in the comments if there’s other places I should be trying!


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