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A couple of months ago I reviewed some of the Bol foods veg pot and soups range, after they announced the news that they are now entirely plant based. Their team then contacted me about the launch of their new Bol winter soup range, coming out just in time for these gloomy autumnal and winter months and asked if I’d like to try those out too – an obvious yes from me!

The soups are all vegan, high in protein, packed full of vegetables and, up to 3 of your 5 a day – from just one little pot! I always try to eat as much veg as I can and, although I do enjoy the odd vegan burger here and there, I try to avoid too many meat substitutes; so having such a large amount of veg in these is great.

Bol winter soup -

I love that the Bol winter soup range is so easy to prep – if you have a microwave you can just loosen the lid of the pot and bung it straight in. You could even eat straight from the pot if you’re limited on kitchen resources for a work lunch (once it’s cooled a bit!)

Someone recently commented on my instagram asking about the packaging for the soups and veg pots and yes, they are made of plastic. That’s an obvious small downside (although all supermarket soups are also in plastic containers), but they can be reused (and don’t leak!) and Bol do acknowledge that plastic is an issue and have addressed it on their blog – I’m on board with any company that is willing to consider and look into other options! If you fancy re-using the pots for other soups, one of  my go to recipe sites is Minimalist Baker.

Bol winter soup - BecauseNicole.comBol winter soup - BecauseNicole.comBol winter soup -

From the Bol winter soup range, I tried the Sweet potato and cauliflower soup, Spiced lentil and vegetable soup and the Smokey tomato and lentil soup.

For all the cauliflower haters out there (i’m 100% with you), be reassured that the cauliflower soup doesn’t really taste much of cauliflower and luckily for me, the overriding taste is from the sweet potato. The spiced lentil and vegetable feels super healthy – packed full of greens and lentils and this one kept me full for ages. I love having these on days when I have netball matches in the evening so I have plenty of energy to run around!

My definite favourite from the Bol winter soup was the smokey tomato and lentil pot. The smokey flavour isn’t overpowering and it feels like proper autumnal grub; it reminds me of when I was younger and my mum and I used to have soup and a toasted sandwich for dinner on colder evenings.

Bol winter soup - BecauseNicole.comBol winter soup -

The Bol winter soups are now available in supermarkets and are priced in the region of £2.50 – £3.00 per pot. Has anyone else tried them? Let me know which your favourites are!

[Disclosure: the items in this blog post were gifted, but all opinions are honest and my own!]


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