Stop moaning about Instagram and do something about it

Hands up if you’re guilty of whinging about the lack of engagement, drop in followers or people playing the follow/unfollow game. Yep, guilty.

Its difficult not to be sucked into obsessing about social media numbers – after all, if you’re s blogger or influencer, no matter what size, those numbers are potentially the difference between a brand or company contacting you for your next collaboration.. or not.

I’ve been an Instagram user for a really bloody long time. Since the very early days of the app – when it was a photo sharing website and before selfies were really a “thing”.. I can’t even remember what those days were like now! (And I have obvs joined in). In fact if you’re ever *incredibly* bored and scroll to the very end of my Instagram feed, you’ll find those photos I posted back in the day – actual photography photos, or my attempt at. And what you’ll probably also notice is that back then, I had only 2/300 followers maximum.. but my engagement was around the same as it is now.

Why the difference? Ok yeah fine, I concede that the algorithms and lack of chronological feed probably do have a lot to do with it, but the biggest difference I can see is just people using it differently. Not in a positive way.

I used to scroll though Instagram looking up new hash tags and searching for interesting photos to go and like; id comment on them and send praise to the photographer and let them know how much I was enjoying their work. I’d likely follow them if there were a few pictures on their feed I liked, or if I liked their overall style.. but that just doesn’t happen these days.

I’m not sat on a pedastool here – I am neither an Instagram guru (I only have around 700 followers), nor am I suggesting that I’m the perfect Instagram user – but your own usage might be the reason the numbers aren’t as good as you’d like.

So, if the numbers are important to you, and that’s totally ok, then get out there and USE that app. Engage with people.. properly! Comment on photos you like and tell them why, don’t just send them some emojis. Find new niches and people to follow, like photos instead of just scrolling past and be active! Ive started following some hash tags which have opened up lots more users that I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise!


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