Greedy Lama subscription box – October box review

The next Greedy Lama subscription box is here and it’s a blooming good one!

I started my subscription with last month’s box which was a great way to get to grips with things. I really enjoyed picking my way through the contents and sifting through the cardboard padding [all recyclable] to see what was hidden underneath. The great thing about the Greedy Lama boxes is that the contents are always a surprise and cover a really wide range of products and brands.

Here’s a few snaps of the contents of the October box:

Greedy Lama subscription box - BecauseNicole.comGreedy Lama subscription box -

As you can see there are LOADs of goodies in this one! The October box has a few more sweet treats than the last one, which is right up my street! Since going vegan, I have definitely got to grips with cooking, be it savoury or sweet (including my very own banana bread recipe) – but I haven’t yet really discovered many vegan sweets. My local supermarkets sell a few here and there but they tend to only be ones that are accidentally vegan.

It’ll be no surprise, then, that some of my favourite products in this month’s box were the sugary goods! Special mention has to go to Peakz and Ombar, which are new brands for me. The peakz snacks in this box were the crunchy chocolate squares which had a really lovely texture and a good chocolate flavour. There were also two Ombar chocolate products – chocolate buttons and an absolutely divine raspberry and coconut filled chocolate bar, both of which are raw and organic and DELICIOUS. There was also a bag of candy kittens watermelon sweets – I’ve had my eye on these for ages, but none of my local shops seem to stock them (or people get there before me!)

Greedy Lama subscription box - BecauseNicole.comPeakz crunchy chocolate squares - BecauseNicole.comVegan candy kittens sweets - BecauseNicole.comGreedy Lama subscription box - BecauseNicole.comOmbar raw organic vegan chocolate -

For the savoury lovers, there are also some vegan crisp breads (perfect for slathering in marmite or peanut butter), a pot of ready to heat Bombay potatoes and some Suma vegan meatballs in bolognese sauce – perfect for a quick midweek meal.

There was also an Artisan grains nut roast mix. What might surprise you, is that I’ve never tried a nut roast! Even though I was vegetarian years ago and am vegan now, it’s just something that never really occurred to me to eat! So I was really happy to see the Artisan grains nut roast mix. The great thing about this is that its a mix, not a loaf, so you can keep it stored in the cupboard for emergency roast dinner requirements!

Greedy Lama subscription box - BecauseNicole.comGreedy Lama subscription box -

Here’s a full list of everything in the Greedy Lama October box:

Suma tinned vegan meatballs in bolognese sauce

Artisan grains nut roast mix

Geo organic Bombay potatoes

Peakz crunchy chocolate squares

Ombar chocolate buttons

Ombar coconut and raspberry filled chocolate bar

Nakd cocoa and orange bar

Candy kittens watermelon sweets

Amisa veggie garden crisp bread

Greedy Lama subscription box -

The other great thing in the boxes is the “I visited for your vegan options” cards that they send out every month. I think these are such a good touch and great way to let places know that you appreciate them having vegan options on the menu! Also, because Greedy Lama is predominantly an online supermarket – each box also comes with a discount code so that you can get a discount on your first shop there.

Greedy Lama subscription box - BecauseNicole.comGreedy Lama subscription box -

The best way to buy the boxes is through the 6 month subscription, which means that the cost of each box is slightly cheaper – just £48 for 6 boxes, delivered each month. They also sometimes have offers on their website, so it’s worth having a look around!

*Greedy Lama very kindly gifted me a subscription, but all opinions are honest and my own.


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