BOL ditch dairy – new vegan plant based range [review]

It feels like a bit of a cliche to  write “I have always been a fan of Bol pots”, but it is true. Honest. I love cooking but I’ve never been one for ‘meal prep’ as such – I’m more of a grab things out of the cupboard and make something up for dinner kind of girl. That means that for me, lunch is usually leftovers. But, finding a well balanced vegan convenience lunch is not always easy to do in small supermarkets, which is all we have close to our office.

After I went vegan, I shied away from a lot of brands, preferring to come up with my own recipes, because checking for milk powder stashed away in everything is an absolute nightmare. But some great news – last year Bol made the decision to remove meat and fish from all of their recipes last year and, this year, they have ditched all dairy products too – meaning they are now completely plant based! YAS!

Their website quotes the reason for the change as, “… realising dairy is not a necessity from a health perspective and too much of it can have quite the opposite effect” – I couldn’t agree more. For me personally, the more and more I progress through veganism it becomes more important to use brands that I know are on board with the ethical and environmental sides of veganism – and BOL definitely ticks those boxes.

The lovely team at Bol sent me some vouchers so that I could try their now dairy and meat free Bol pots [Disclosure: this means that the items in this blog post were gifted, but all opinions are honest and mine!]

One of the best things about plant based foods (IMO) is the lush colours you get because of all of the lovely veg:

BOL goes vegan - BecauseNicole.comBOL goes vegan - BecauseNicole.comBOL goes vegan - BecauseNicole.comBOL goes vegan - BecauseNicole.comBOL goes vegan - BecauseNicole.comBOL goes vegan -

I tried 4 products in total, although I have had some of the them in the past, and they were all delicious – there wasn’t a single one I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to try. I had the Mexican five bean chilli, smokey tomato and lentil protein soup, Mediterranean roasted veg and, the spiced lentil and vegetable protein soup.

Another great thing is that they are all clearly labelled as vegan (hallelujah for no more label checking), with loads of helpful nutritional info on their website. AND because most of the ingredients are fresh veg, a lot of the products are also gluten free – winner. A majority of the products are also at least 1 or 2 of your 5 a day, because of the high veg content and, alongside that, most of the calories are pretty low too.

My favourite was the tomato and lentil soup, which was mega filling and had a really nice flavour to it. There were loads more I wanted to try, but my local Tesco had sold out of some of the other bits. I’m definitely going to try their salad jars next; the Japanese rainbow slaw salad sounds lush.

Has anyone else tried the new range? Let me know what your favourite products were!


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