Turtle Bay cocktails – Southampton

Turtle Bay has always had a great reputation for their extensive cocktail menu and it’s been a go-to for after work drinks and food. Recently, they’ve launched some new drinks and extended their range of vegan cocktails [and labelled the menu], which is great news!

Myself and the Southampton Bloggers gang were all invited to try out some of the cocktails – as of now, you can reserve a table just for drinks! Perfect for anyone that follows the mantra eatin’s cheatin!

We started with a round of Side Chick martinis cocktails – Turtle Bay’s twist on a Pornstar martini. This one is vegan if you have it without the Prosecco chaser, which I did, and it was really lovely and refreshing.

Turtle bay cocktails - BecauseNicole.com

After our first round we had the chance to try out some of the menu and Turtle Bay were SO generous! They also made a big effort to make sure there were plenty of vegan goodies – I was really impressed by what they had to offer. I tried the veggie platter (some of which was not vegan so I avoided) along with the sweetcorn fritters, sweet potato fries, smashed avocado and sunshine quinoa. My favourite of the vegan options were the “doubles” – puffed roti with spiced chickpeas on top – delicious!

Vegan food at Turtle Bay - BecauseNicole.comVegan food at Turtle Bay - BecauseNicole.comVegan food at Turtle Bay - BecauseNicole.comVegan food at Turtle Bay - BecauseNicole.com

The next cocktails I tried were the Koko Kolada (completely vegan as it’s now made with coconut milk) and had a really nice flavour, and not too much rum taste! Finally, I went for the Wray Sours which really lived up to the name!

Turtle bay cocktails - BecauseNicole.comTurtle bay cocktails - BecauseNicole.com

Our last little Turtle Bay treat was to try some of their Beach Shooters, which are new. They’re not designed to be shots, but more tasters of the main cocktails. Most of the drinks on this list are vegan so there was plenty to choose from – I went for the Ghetto Girl shooter which was watermelon flavoured and really pleasant and refreshing to drink.

Turtle bay cocktails - BecauseNicole.com

I had such a great night; sipping cocktails, snacking and shooters is a great way to spend an evening! If you fancy trying out a cocktail reservation, the full menu is here.


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