An update on my rosacea treatment – being discharged from Dermatology

I guess the title says it all really. End of blog post? Haha! Not quite. The background to this is in my previous rosacea posts: being referred to dermatology, trying a new regime, and an update on my progress.

It’s really important for me to say first off that you cannot cure rosacea. Don’t try and tell me otherwise! All you can do is find ways to manage and/or reduce your symptoms.. which by some stroke of luck I appear to have done!

My last update was around 6 weeks after starting the new regime and it had already made a big difference to my rosacea symptoms. Within just a couple of weeks I noticed a reduction in the amount of spots I had but also that the redness had calmed down.

I’m now 3 months after my first dermatology appointment and so happy to say I’ve been discharged. When the Dermatologist saw me this time he actually said “you can barely tell you even have rosacea”. After 6 years of horrible symptoms – absolute happiest day! Here’s what my skin looks like today (no makeup.. just a bit of mascara) - Rosacea - Rosacea - Rosacea treatment

Side note: I HATE my side profile and feel the need to point that out to everyone. Also the temptation to edit out that chin spot is REAL Ok bye.


I’ve been discharged on the basis that there’s no need for me to see him regularly anymore as, in treatment terms, we’ve nailed it (for now). I’ve already stopped the antibiotics which was partially by accident because I forgot to take them for a few days and didn’t want to restart. The next step is to taper off my Soolantra use; currently every other night, then down to 1 or 2 uses per week and then maybe off it forever! The great thing is that if I suffer a relapse of symptoms I know I can just see my regular GP for a repeat prescription.

In terms of the effect the change in my skin has had on me, it is enormous. I honestly feel so much more confident and it is such a dream not waking up in the morning and wondering what kind of mess my skin will be in! Some of my friends have been keeping up with my blog posts about it and have also commented on the change and to those people, I see you and I LOVE you!

For me, the biggest factor has been the introduction of Soolantra. I’ve used the same antibiotics before with no change in my symptoms. After speaking to some other rosacea sufferers online, it seems like Soolantra only really works for Type 2 rosacea (acne rosacea).

I also want to point out that, this year, I made a huge change to my diet and went vegan. I’m not here to preach to you about what you should or shouldnt eat (totally not my style anyway), but I have seen many an article online claiming that removing dairy from your diet might help some skin conditions… All I can say is that I made that change at the same time that I started this treatment so I cannot help but think it might have helped me a little along the way.

Don’t get me wrong – my skin is still not perfect and there’s still the odd¬†naughty¬†chin spot [as seen above, ahem], along with the underlying redness I can see in my cheeks – but now that the texture of my skin is far better, I can cover it easily with makeup.

I am totally over the moon with the results. I even profusely thanked the Dermatologist for his help and told him what a difference it had made for me. He shook my hand at the end of the appointment <3.

What I’m also really excited about is the chance to try new skincare out, now that I have a good base to work from. Starting with my the Vitamin C moisturiser I bought at a recent body shop event!

My advice? If you suffer from rosacea or any other skin issue that is affecting you, SEE YOUR GP! See a dermatologist if you can get a referral! And stick at it – nothing changes overnight!



  1. Stu
    July 20, 2018 / 9:55 am

    How many weeks total were you using soolantra and the antibiotics?

    • becausenicole
      July 20, 2018 / 10:16 am

      Hi Stu, I started at the end of Feb and stopped using Soolantra regularly at the end of June, so about 16 weeks for Soolantra. I stopped the antibiotics a bit earlier, after around 10 weeks or so.

      • Stu
        July 22, 2018 / 9:53 am


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