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Since starting my new rosacea treatment, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin overall and despite that, I haven’t yet treated myself to any new skincare – so when I was invited along to a Body Shop skincare masterclass, I totally jumped at the chance.

I’ve wanted to up my skincare game recently, now that my skin is in far better condition; but I’ve also been a bit scared to add any new products in, just in case they cause a flare up. The Body Shop event was such a good chance to talk about my individual skin needs and see if they had any products that would be OK for me to use.

Myself and some other Southampton Bloggers were greeted at the Body Shop in West Quay, by the lovely Giorgio, who was really enthusiastic and you could tell he was really passionate about what he does! We each filled out a questionnaire about our current regimes (mine was very short) and what we want to achieve with our skin – there were loads of options to go through meaning there was plenty of opportunity for me to describe my skin type. I chose ‘nourished’ for my ultimate skincare goal – as well as rosacea I often suffer from dry and dull skin.

Body shop skincare masterclass - BecauseNicole.comBody shop skincare masterclass -

I volunteered to play guinea pig and have Giorgio do a demonstration on me, as I thought it would be a really good way for me to try some new products without committing to spending lots. I’ve been a fan of the Body Shop for a long time, especially because they are big campaigners against animal testing and are cruelty free.

He started by putting some very fetching bunny ears on me (to keep my hair back, not just for lols) and cleansing my skin with the Body Shop camomile balm; you just rub it into your skin and it melts any make-up and dirt off, so you can just wipe it off with a flannel, muslin or cotton pads. It’s really gentle and smells lovely. He did a second cleanse with an aloe vera cream cleanser and toned my skin with the British Rose toner. This was great for me as all the products are really gentle.

Body shop skincare masterclass - BecauseNicole.comBody shop skincare masterclass -

The next steps were the drops of youth concentrate serum [which I LOVED], the drops of youth eye mask around my eyes and the Vitamin C glowing boost moisturiser. This was by far my favourite product of the day – it felt really refreshing and soothing and I could honestly see a visible difference in my skin afterwards; it actually looked dewy – and made my skin look more tanned… winner.

He finished everything off with a mandarin facial spray which I had honestly never thought about introducing into my skincare regime, but it added a nice refreshing and moisturising finish to the final layer.

Body shop skincare masterclass - BecauseNicole.comBody shop skincare masterclass -

Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser -

Body Shop vegan - BecauseNicole.comBody shop skincare masterclass -

Another product I didn’t have on my face, but did try (on the back of my hand) was the Body Shop Vitamin C facial peel. I’ve never really considered a product like this as I assumed my skin wouldn’t cope well, but honestly, when he put it on my hand we were all amazed at the difference in my skin – it looked so much fresher and that’s honestly no exaggeration! I’m really keen to give this a go in the future but I’m going to wait until my rosacea treatment has finished just in case.

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I was so impressed with the products I tried, that I bought the Vitamin C moisturiser and British Rose toner, which was a bit of a splurge for me!

If, like me, you didn’t know that Body Shop do individual skin care consultations, I really recommend you check them out! They completely tailor it to your needs and will go through a whole range of products to see what matches your skin best.



  1. Rowena Jacobsen
    June 19, 2018 / 5:18 pm

    Hi Nicole,

    I came across your blog when googling rosacea and Pixi Glow Tonic (a few minutes too late,oops). Read all the posts and they gave me the courage to finally go to the doctor about my skin. She was so lovely and prescribed Lymecycline. Just thought you should know how helpful your blog has been. Your skin looks amazing!!

    • becausenicole
      June 19, 2018 / 6:16 pm

      That’s amazing, thank you so much for letting me know! It makes a huge difference when your GP helps fight your corner 🙂 good luck with the Lymecycline – let me know how you get on! x

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