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I was contacted recently by Adagio Teas to see if I would like to have a test of some of their loose leaf teas and to host a giveaway to spread the spring time tea joy – of course I jumped at the chance; I am a huge tea fan and to say I drink a lot of it would be a huge understatement.

I’ve recently been building up a little collection of infuser teapots and loose teas – one of which I even have at work so I’m not stuck drinking English breakfast tea all day! Obviously, that’s no shade on breakfast tea, which is amazing.

Adagio really kindly sent me loads of different types of teas and one of their amazing infuser teapots to try out, along with a beautiful glass mug. I was honestly in tea heaven. Cue me drinking even more tea at work and annoying everyone in the office by carting around packets of tea and teapots with me wherever I go. In fact, I even kept a little list of ‘tasting notes’ on my phone so I could remember my favourites!

Adagio Teas - Becausenicole.comAdagio Teas -

Adagio Teas -

There were a few that really stood out and that I’ll definitely be re-buying. To take a look at their full range, or to sneak a peek at the ones I loved, just type the name of the tea into the search bar of their website

Calypso Green Tea – This actually doesn’t taste much like tea (in a good way!) because it doesn’t have any of the bitterness you can get with some teas. There were lots of little coconut pieces in the tea and it was so easy to drink. This would be a good ‘gateway’ into loose teas if you haven’t tried them before!

Raspberry Green Tea – A really delicate green tea flavour with a hint of fruit. I didn’t brew mine for very longer to keep it light!

Peach Bellini Fruit Tea – This was L U S H. It smells absolutely incredible when you open the packet – honestly, I was tempted to eat some of it. This also had a very subtle tea taste so was really easy to drink – this would make a brilliant iced tea – its the perfect springtime tea!

Chocolate Chip Black Tea – also smells delicious. I kept the brewing time short so that the chocolate flavour didn’t get overpowered. It has a really lovely deep flavour and would be perfect at the end of a warm day to relax before the evening!

Scottish Breakfast Tea – Like a normal cup of breakfast tea, but better! I made this one with a splash of [soya] milk instead of having it black as it has a strong flavour. This tea was a really good one to have when I first get to my desk in the morning – reading emails and charging up on caffeine!

Top of the list though, was the blood orange iced tea. This comes in its own separate bag of one serving. You just pop one of the pouches in cold water and leave it in the fridge overnight. The tea is really lovely and fruity, but definitely a tea flavour. I really enjoyed this and took a bottle of it to my mum’s birthday celebrations – it fit in perfectly amongst the jugs of pimms and bottles and prosecco and, was perfect for rehydrating and cooling off after a couple of alcoholic drinks!

Adagio Teas -

I also really enjoyed getting my hands on the ingenuitea infuser tea pot – I had come across these before in a local cafe and thought they were so cool! You just put the loose tea and hot water in the top and, after it’s brewed, you put the teapot on top of any mug and it releases the tea into the mug below! No mess or fuss and it means you can see the tea swirling around while it brews! It’s also way easier to clean than the pots with built in infusers.

Adagio Teas - Becausenicole.comAdagio Teas -

I would really recommend trying Adagio out if tea is your thing – even if you’re not into or haven’t tried loose teas before. Their website has everything you could possibly need  – including the infuser tea pots. If that’s too much if an investment, they also do some nifty loose leaf tea bags which are really cheap and easy to store in a desk drawer; you just pop the tea in the top and then put the bag in the mug – then throw it away once you’re done!

If you’d like the chance to win some of the goodies featured in this post just complete the form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway*This post is in partnership with Adagio Teas. I was gifted some items to review, but all opinions and content are my own.


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