Vegan fried chicken at Bok Shop Brighton!

I came across Bok Shop on a day where, despite usually being stuck inside an office all day, I took a mini day trip to Brighton with work for a meeting. With it being a fair old drive away from Southampton, we got our priorities completely in order and made sure we scheduled a lunch stop before driving home.

I’ve been vegan since January 2018 and  was travelling with a work pal who is open minded about food, but didn’t want to commit to a wholly vegan menu, so we searched online for somewhere that had good vegan and non vegan options. I read lots of reviews online and also had a friend recommend Bok Shop to me, so we headed there after our meeting.

Obviously, being a fried chicken restaurant, the menu is heavily chicken based! I have heard some vegan friends say it would put them off a bit going to fried chicken restaurant, which I understand – but I am all for anywhere that has good vegan options to make it more accessible to people thinking of making the switch. They have some really lovely sides (hello fried pickles and potato “peelers”) to mix it up a bit and their starters include chicken wings, vegan nuggets and marinated cauliflower pieces.

Bok Shop, Brighton - BecauseNicole.comBok Shop, Brighton -

All the Bok Shop main chicken burgers can be easily converted to vegan versions on request; they just replace the chicken with seitan and even have vegan cheese, vegan mayo and sour dough rolls! The interior is really nice; its open and airy and they are also dog friendly (big plus in my book!) On weekdays they have a lunch deal which means you can have any burger plus side and a soft drink for £9.50, which in my book is pretty good value!

Bok Shop, Brighton -

I have a very up and down relationship with seitan. It’s super subjective because most places make their own and there are often times that I really don’t enjoy it. However, the seitan at Bok Shop was delicious. It wasn’t too tough or overly herbed and the combination of vegan mayo and cheese on top was really delicious. Special mention goes to the potato peelers: fried potato skins seasoned and with smoked malden salt flakes. The guy who served us on the day was really nice, attentive and was happy to accommodate the vegan option with zero fuss – I would definitely go back!

Bok Shop, Brighton - BecauseNicole.comBok Shop, Brighton -

If you want to know more, their menu is here. Has anyone else been? Have you got any other good vegan Brighton recommendations?



    • becausenicole
      May 1, 2018 / 11:24 am

      Oh interesting! I wonder if those reviews were from the vegan side or be meat side (or both!) I definitely recommend the potato peelers whatever you go for 🙂 x

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