Iceland’s No Bull vegan burgers

If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or like to try meat alternatives, then you have probably heard about the new No Bull burgers from Iceland.

They’re the new kids on the block in meat substitute burgers and look like they are shaping up to be a UK version of the beyond meat burgers that those lucky people in the US often rave about. A friend of mine saw online that Iceland had bought out the No Bull burger so I had to go out and try them. I’ve tried other brands of vegan burgers since going vegan this year and while some are pretty yummy, they didn’t wow me.

Iceland no bull burger

What are they?

No Bull burgers are a soya protein based vegan burger, with vegetable fibre, flavourings and beetroot extract (to give them a meat like colour). The packaging says they are plant based burgers that look like meat, taste like meat.. they just aren’t! Big claims! They are exclusive to Iceland and only cost a few pounds for a pack of two.

How do you cook them?

One of the many great things about plant based foods are that they don’t usually take too long cook, since there’s no meat. You can either oven cook or fry these burgers from frozen. Oven cooking takes a touch longer but still only needs 11 minutes in the oven. I pan fried ours which is what we would have done with meat burgers in the past. I also thought that frying them would add to the flavour.

Iceland No Bull burgerIceland No Bull burger

Gimme the review

The short version is – they are DELICIOUS.

The packaging says they only need to be cooked for 6 minutes when frying but I tested the inside of them, they weren’t mega hot in the middle. After frying to get the flavour, I popped ours in the oven for a couple of extra minutes to melt cheese on top and make sure they were cooked all the way through.

I had mine in a sesame seed bun, with follow your heart mayonnaise, French’s mustard, red onion, iceberg lettuce and some Tesco free from smoked cheese. My partner Adam also had one – he’s not vegan or veggie so always gives me very honest feedback about any new products we try!

We both absolutely loved them. The flavour is very very similar to beef burgers and have a smokey aspect to them, as if they have been griddled or cooked on a barbecue – delicious! In terms of flavour they are definitely the best faux beef burgers I’ve tried.

The texture is also a really important part for me – I can live quite happily without meat substitutes, but I often find that a lot of the products have odd textures. These were surprisingly good. The texture was a little on the soft side, but it wasn’t off putting and if anything, gives off a ‘juicy burgers’ vibe, meaning they aren’t too dry.

The No Bull colour, which comes from the beetroot extract, is supposed to mimic meat and it is very realistic. In a way it’s almost a little too good – because they don’t brown during cooking the way meat would, it retains it’s bright red colour. When I ate meat, I always had my burgers well done as I’m not a fan of pink beef mince, so it took me a few bites to turn my brain off and remember I wasn’t eat mince!

From a non-vegan perspective, courtesy of Adam, he said “Overall the taste was really good. The texture wasn’t as firm as I would like but I would definitely have them again”.

Iceland No Bull burgerIceland No Bull burger

So overall, I really recommend these – for flavour, texture and cost! Has anyone else tried them? What did you think?



  1. Tuffy
    May 9, 2018 / 11:02 am

    Having been vegan for the past 15 years and having tried nearly every plant based burger manufactured in the UK, I was super excited to give the No Bull burger a try. Both my husband (who is vegan by default!) and I had settled on Linda Macs quarter pounder as being our favourite vegan burger but were interested to see if the No Bull burger could outshine it.

    In great anticipation we fried them last night. We put them into burger rolls (with the mandatory ketchup, mustard and dill pickles) and took the first bite excitedly. Although the taste was pretty good the texture totally let them down, in fact they pretty much fell apart in the bun. It’s such a shame because I was really expecting a revolutionary vegan burger after all the hype i’ve read about them.

    I also totally dislike the fact that they have used beetroot powder to give them the bloody appearance that real meat has. I actually find it distasteful that they’re marketed for vegans yet try to emulate an authentic burger along with the oozing blood! Vegans who have chosen this lifestyle for ethical reasons don’t want to be reminded of pain and cruelty animals have to endure in order to satisfy our desire to eat them.

    I’m afraid to say that Linda Macs quatre pounder beats the No Bull burger hands down! The texture is almost identical to real burgers and the taste is almost there too! They’re absolutely delicious! The No Bull burger does come in second, though!

  2. Emily
    June 8, 2018 / 3:18 am

    Absolutely loved these burgers, tried them the other day for the first time and I’m disappointed I didn’t buy more with my shop. The taste, colour and texture was just fab, having been a meat eater my entire life,I did not miss meat when eating these! Will be stocking up my freezer with them too!
    We have tried all meat free…quorn, Linda McCartney, supermarkets own brand and hands down these burgers win!

    • becausenicole
      June 8, 2018 / 8:22 am

      They’re delicious aren’t they! I’m still waiting to try them on a barbecue because I think that’ll really add to the smoky flavour – but I agree, definitely one of the best so far!

  3. Stephen Weller
    October 14, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    We have just tried them and they are excellent, you can build a typical burger with mouth feel and flavour. We think your report is spot on and suspect children would not notice the difference and much better for them. Not to be compared with veggie burgers as they are really a different thing, hopefully they will encourage more people off meat, how you do this dose not matter, so the beetroot blood helps with the whole illusion. Well done Iceland !

    • becausenicole
      October 14, 2018 / 9:54 pm

      Agreed Stephen! They’d be a really good gateway for anyone thinking about cutting down on meat!

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