Our Ikea Kallax TV unit hack*

I haven’t posted for a while about our house renovations, but I promise we have been beavering away in the background trying to get things up together! Although the bulk of the dirty work has been done now, we’re still a bit behind on the styling and decorating aspect! One of the things we put together recently was our TV unit for the front room – which is an Ikea Kallax bookcase hack!

Despite it being up and functional, there is still a lot of finishing off we have to do. Number one on the to do list is to replace our old TV. People always comment on how big it is (it really is OTT) but it’s such an old model it’s totally out of date and it’s been bashed around a fair bit in the moving and renovating process. I’m hunting around for deals at the moment, but I’ve had my eye on a couple of items I’m waiting to drop into sales – including the Oled TV Panasonic range – total TV goals!

Ikea kallax hack

The TV unit was so easy to make. We bought and assembled the Kallax unit from Ikea along with two drawer inserts. From memory the total cost was only around 40 pounds. Once it was on it’s side, we went to a local DIY store and bought a thin piece of plywood  to create a back. I wanted to make sure that any wires behind our appliances were covered.

We painted it a light blue so it stood out from the white unit and then nailed it into the back of the Kallax unit – and that’s it! The areas at the sides of the unit definitely need some styling. My plan is to get an old trunk and a big leafy plant to sit on top. I absolutely love monstera deliciousa plants and I think the big leafy greens would fill up the space really well.

I also did a DIY job on the little hyacinth pots on the TV unit – these are old food cans that I painted with leftover paint tester pots. They’re not in flower at the moment, but I quite look the look of the green tops with the rusty cans!

Has anyone else tried any Ikea hacks?

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