Vegan wings at the Rockstone Southampton

Vegan wings have been on my agenda to try since going vegan this January (Veganuary). I saw a post regrammed by Vegan Southampton about the Rockstone Pub running a new “wings night” on Thursdays and knew I had to give it a go! I’ve actually been to the Rockstone a few times in the past for vegan and non vegan food as they are local to us, in Southampton.

I’ve always really loved wings, mostly because of the fact that its messy finger food and covered in delicious sauce – and these vegan wings did not disappoint!

Vegan wings, Rockstone Southampton

Vegan wings, Rockstone Southampton

Vegan wings, Rockstone Southampton

They’re made from seitan which I was slightly hesitant about as I am not a huge fan of the texture and flavour of some seitan I’ve tried in the past. I find it tends to be either spongy or really tough and there’s a certain aftertaste from some recipes that I really don’t enjoy.Β  The wings come in a choice of three sauces – this week’s options were cherry cola, mango and lime chilli, or teriyaki. I went for the mango and lime chilli because I like spicy wings and the flavour combination sounded really nice. The spice level was fairly high, but not unbearable (like that time I tried TGI scorpion wings.. ouch) and the sauce had a really nice flavour.

The texture was better because the wings are in small ish pieces, so it was a manageable texture. Overall, the Rockstone vegan wings were really delicious! Adam also had the chicken wings as he’s not vegan and he described them as “fantastic”, a word I don’t think I’ve ever heard him use before. He is also a massive fan so it’s a pretty good endorsement to have.

If you’ve been to the Rockstone before, you’ll know they have a reputation for massive portions, so I wanted to try a few different little bits from the menu. I had the vegan wings as a starter and then for my main, had the vegan dirty fries and beer battered olives. I have to say I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the dirty fries – I found the flavour a bit too intense (HELLO GARLIC) and the vegan philly cheese that was on top had a bit of an odd texture. The beer battered olives, however.. WOW. Huge fan. I absolutely loved them – the batter was really light and crispy and the deep frying really brings out the olive flavour. These are definitely on my “must try” list.

Vegan menu, Rockstone Southampton

Vegan menu, Rockstone Southampton

I can definitely recommend the Rockstone for both vegan and non-vegan food. Their menu is enormous and there are loads of vegan options available – I can’t wait to go back and try some more!

Has anyone else been? What did you think?




    • becausenicole
      February 25, 2018 / 5:32 pm

      I know right!! I was the same before I went vegan, I just love trying new foods (and food in general haha) x

    • becausenicole
      February 26, 2018 / 11:14 am

      Thanks for reading! Such a good flavour combo isn’t it! Although I’m definitely tempted by the cherry cola too! 😍 x

  1. February 27, 2018 / 10:20 pm

    My boyfriend (who made the flavour for these wings) is very happy to see you enjoyed them. He’s got some exciting new flavours coming up too.

    He’s very handy to live with as I’m a terrible chef, haha.

    Great to see people writing about the Rockstone (I’m obviously a bit biased) but I was a fan of the place years before I was with Mitchell and before knowing all the staff there.

    Great blog. Xx

  2. November 11, 2018 / 4:19 pm

    These sound delicious. I’m going to have to seek them out and give them a try. Not normally a fan of wings as not much meat on them….but these would be tastier!

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