Veganuary update and my vegan food diary

So we’re now halfway through January which means, for me, it’s halfway through vegan January (Veganuary). If you saw my first post about trialling this, you’ll know that I originally set myself the target of being vegetarian for the month with as much vegan thrown in as I could – simply because I wasn’t sure if I could commit to making such a big change in one go.

Honestly, so far, I have loved every minute of it. And rather than being vegetarian, I have managed to be completely vegan since 2 January (on New Years’ day, with a mild hangover, there was no way I was not having that cheese stuffed crust pizza).

The best bit about it is that I can say, hand on heart, I have not found it difficult. I am usually a prolific cheese eater and also really enjoy medium rare steak and big greasy burgers. But I haven’t missed them one bit. Not one iota. When people ask about whether it’s difficult, I’ve been likening it to quitting smoking – you know how people are never any good at quitting until they really want to do it? Well I’m the same. I want to do this.

For the past week or so, I’ve been keeping a vegan food diary. Partly to keep a check of the things I am eating and make sure I’m getting that all important (and supposedly elusive) protein and calcium etc. But also, so I can look back and at all the new dishes I’ve tried over the month.

This is just a nosy at my food diary and not any sort of recommendation or vegan diet plan! I do have some weird eating habits (pickled onions from the jar, I’m looking at you) so where I have listed odd sounding things, please don’t associate that with veganism.. but just with me being a weird eater! These are all actual days from my food diary with no alterations or adjustments..


Linda McCartney vegan sausage rolls
Linda McCartney vegan sausage rolls

Olive snacks


Vegan sausage rolls



Breakfast – Peanut butter on toast

Lunch – 2 Linda McCartney vegan sausage rolls

Tomato soup (recipe here). I added spring greens, naga chilli and rice

Dinner – Mushroom bourguignon (recipe here). I used wine instead of tea. Accompanied by roasted sweet potato chunks

Snacks – Celery and hummus, bowl of salted peanuts, tortilla chips, mango + orange fruit juice




Breakfast – Peanut butter on toast

Mango + orange fruit juice

Lunch – Tortilla chips and hummus, Linda M sausage roll

Dinner – Buffalo cauliflower tacos (recipe here) with guacamole, little gem lettuce and violife cheese

Snacks – Pickled onions, fresh salad tomatoes, banana mashed with nut butter (hazelnut)




Breakfast – Lemon and lime marmalade on toast

Mashed banana mixed with nut butter (hazelnut)

Lunch – Leftover tomato soup and half a part baked baguette

Dinner – Red ratatouille risotto (recipe here)

Snacks – Sainsbury’s mini poppadoms, apple, vegan peanut butter fudge (recipe here).




Breakfast – Raspberry conserve on toast

Lunch – Orzo with broccoli and olivesĀ + grated violife cheese

Fruit smoothie: spinach, chia seeds, pineapple, blueberries and orange/mango juice

Dinner – Lentil bolognese with conchiglie pasta (recipe here). I added courgette and used (vegan) red wine instead of tea.

Snacks – Tropical fruit mix, apple, Sainsbury’s onion rings, bourbon biscuits


Orzo with vegan cheese and brocolli
Orzo with broccoli, olives and grated violife cheese

Looking back on it, there is obviously a fair bit of repetition and.. I should probably eat less hummus.. but that’s all by choice. That also takes into account that, at the moment I am only cooking for one, while AJ is away, so any big meals I make often have leftovers that I use up the following day.

Who else is trying veganuary? How are you finding it?



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