Vegan pancakes at Stakks Southampton

It was my birthday last weekend and I had vegan pancakes on the brain! So that obviously meant, as I have been trying Veganuary, I had to very carefully choose somewhere to go for breakfast. As I’ve got older, birthdays become more about where we are going to eat out, as opposed to where we’re going out drinking!

I’ve been using a great app recently called Vanilla Bean, which can use your location to show you restaurants nearby that have vegan options available on their menus. There are quite a few in Southampton! And, although I had heard about Stakks from other people, after seeing it on the app and realising they also did vegan pancakes, I decided to give it a go.

One of the selling points of Stakks was that they have a fairly big menu for both normal, vegan and vegetarian options. I was heading there with my mum and wanted to make sure we were both going to be catered for. The vegan pancake options were really good – a separate two-sided menu card with both savoury and sweet options. I went for the “Sunny breakfast stakk” – strawberries, banana, mango, non-dairy yoghurt and grains. My mum ended up feeling guilty and also ordering from the vegan menu – she had the veggie English stakk.


Vegan pancakes at Stakks

Vegan pancakes at Stakks

Vegan pancakes at Stakks


You have to specify that you want vegan pancakes when you order, but apart from that there is barely any difference! The pancakes were really delicious and there was a really good amount of toppings on each one. I actually struggled to choose which one to have because the oreo and Hershey’s stakk was appealing to the chocolate lover in me!

I really enjoyed mine – and they were reasonably priced too, averaging about £6.00 per plate. But the portions are quite big. I left feeling pretty full (and a bit smug I had eaten loads of fruit and avoided the unhealthy version).

I would definitely head back here – I need to try the savoury options! Has anyone else tried Stakks?





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