I have things to be grateful for

I have things to be grateful for.

Before it all starts. Before the last minute panic quite sets in and the long anticipated indulgences become a part of daily routine, for just a few days – I have things to be grateful for.

This year in particular I am so grateful to have a partner who is also my friend; who understands my weird little ways and anxieties and just rolls with it. Who no longer rolls his eyes when I refuse to call anything by its actual name. Who bites his tongue when I tell him off for leaving the tap running and leaving the lights on, because he knows it’s just my brain going into overdrive.

I’m grateful to have a happy and healthy family around me, who are always there at the drop of a hat. For a Mum who sometimes drives past our house and leaves us coffees and pastries in the porch for when we wake up at weekends. Who takes me for lunch, always saying, “ok but next time you’re paying” (and never lets me pay). 

For two beautiful little doggetts who sometimes drive us completely insane, but also greet us every day by sticking their noses through the gap in the door, so they can jump all over us that few seconds quicker. Archie, for being the cuddliest dog I have ever had the opportunity to snuggle. Fox, for trusting us, for putting her past behind her and embracing her new life (and brother.. who she doesn’t always like). 

I’m grateful for a job that I once upon a time fell into, began to love and turned into career. A job that is sometimes hard, with some long hours and sometimes difficult subject matter, but is absolutely fulfilling. One that keeps me busy and always keeps me learning. 

For the little house we bought last year that through hours and hours of wrestling with its wobbly walls and dodgy floorboards and all the other hurdles it threw at us, that has become a Home. 

Friends. The ones I don’t see for far too long and pick up exactly where we left off. The ones I Whatsapp a million messages in a row when my brain is firing on all cylinders. The sports friends, the work friends, the ones that live on the other side of the planet and the people I know just about enough to smile at in the street and say good morning. 

And lastly for this. A little space to empty my brain out on to a page and the opportunities it creates to connect with other people. 


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