A Personal Post – Fox the dog

You may have seen my post recently about our little Archie pug, our first dog and how he came to be in our lives. It’s only fair that I do the same for his adopted sister – Fox.


After having Archie for about 3 years we came around to the idea of getting another dog. We figured it would be nicer for Archie to have some company during the day and generally speaking, two small dogs is not a huge amount more work than one small dog! I was sure this time that I wanted to adopt a dog because although we weren’t experienced enough dog owners to do it in the past, I’ve always felt bad for the fact that we got Archie from a breeder, when there are other dogs waiting to go to homes.


I used to check various dog re-homing charities regularly for any sort of dog that might be suitable for us. It was difficult to find a rescue dog that was able to be re-homed with another male dog and one that would be OK with being left for part of the day while we were at work. Then I stumbled across Beacon Animal Rescue Centre (BARC) on Facebook. They’re a small charity who rescue animals from places like Romania and, after giving them a full health MOT, bring them over to the UK to be re-homed. I can’t speak from personal experience, but I do know that public shelter dogs do not have a long life expectancy.


One particular day, out of nowhere, the charity posted about a little dog called Foxy Jenny, who was scheduled to come over to the UK but didn’t have a foster or adoptive home lined up to go to when she arrived. We took one look at her pictures and knew that we had to make enquiries.


We had to go through a vetting process and home check so that the charity could be sure they were sending her to a good home. It was equally important for us to have a trial first, because if her and Archie didn’t get on, there would be no way to make it work.


We collected her from her Foster family the following week.. and she never went back!

Fox the dog



She has been renamed now, to Fox. When she first came to live with us we made very slow progress.. for the first few days she wouldn’t eat much, didn’t want to come in the house (luckily it was sunny outside at the time!) and was very cautious about coming near us. She didn’t seem to enjoy being touched or picked up and was too scared to sit near us for more than a couple of minutes.


Over time and after realising that we’re honestly not that bad(!) she’s come out of her shell so much. She now pings around our front room, takes over the sofa, sings little grumbly growly songs at us when she wants to be fed and she now walks off the lead. She gives the daintiest little licks and loves wriggling around on our bed. One of her favourite things to do is run full speed across our local park and zoom around in little circles before waiting expectantly at our feet for a treat. She may be small and very dainty, but she is definitely fierce – woe betide anyone who dares knock on our door.. sorry postman!




We can tell that we still have some way to go before she absolutely trusts us and feels completely comfortable, but she’s making progress every day and learning to relax and its been the most rewarding few months, ever! Giving this little lady a second chance is honestly one of the best things we have ever done.



If you’d like more information about the charity, or even want to donate to their cause, take a look at their website. At the moment, the ladies that run the charity are fundraising to help cover some of their kennel fees and debts – if you want to support them, the fundraising link is here.


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