Choosing the right pet for your living space*

You may have recently seen my post which put Archie pug into the spotlight and a few people have asked me how we managed to get a dog while we lived in flat – before AJ and I bought our house.


The truth is, we were a bit naughty and we actually bought Archie home without telling our Landlord – despite living in a one bedroom apartment. When it came to choosing a pet, we knew what the risks were (i.e. being booted out!) but we were desperate to get a dog and we knew it would be hard work being discrete. I did actually ask our Landlord’s permission first in the hope he might say yes, but.. he definitely didn’t – but having Archie was so worth it.


Baby Archie pug



We managed to get away with it because Archie was such a teeny tiny little pup; I used to put him in a beach bag (with an air hole!) to carry him in and out of the block of flats. We were pretty lucky because none of our neighbours minded and our Landlord didn’t live in the block. But in hindsight it was probably a bit of a silly thing to do  – we risked being hit with a big cleaning bill when we left, or worse, having our tenancy ended because we were breaching our contract!


It was lucky that we had fallen in love with a breed that happens to be pretty small! All dogs need regular walking, but it’s safe to say that pugs are a breed that are on the lower end of the exercise need scale; they’re small in size (they’re technically a toy breed) and even if they do woof – it’s not very loud, so it helps avoid annoying neighbours. It did, however, mean having to traipse up and down the stairs every time he needed to go outside!




It is so, so important to choose a pet that suits your lifestyle – that includes everything from the amount of exercise you do, how many hours a day you spend at home and where you live – if you live in a small one bedroom flat, then a giant dog is probably not for you! As well as not doing your flat/apartment any favours, a cooped up pup is not a happy pup! Over at For they’ve put together a guide of statistics and data about the Best and Worst Pets for Apartment Living – to help choose the right pet for your living situation:


Best & Worst Pets for Apartment Living
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Has anyone else lived in an apartment with their pet?

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