A Personal Post – all about Archie Pug!

A little while back I did a “10 facts about me” post and despite my social media and phone camera roll being filled with pictures and videos of our dogs, I realised that they weren’t included in that post (worst dog owner ever). So this is a little post all about Archie pug, how he came to be in our lives and.. OK FINE, it’s an excuse to put up more pictures of my dog. Happy now? I am!


We decided to get a pug as our first dog, despite my initial reluctance, because AJ’s sister had an adorable little gremlin by the name of Max. AJ loved him to bits and had always wanted to get a pug. I did a heap of research beforehand and learned that pugs often have health problems, can be quite needy (understatement of the century) and are generally lazy little sausages. Because we are both out of the house for most of the day it was really important for us to get a pooch that was going to be happy with a couple of big walks a day and a big sleep during the day.


We met Archimedes (his full name) when he was just 2 weeks old. AJ and I actually both picked up different puppies from the litter to hold, but I fell head over heels with Archie because he sneezed on my hand! He also had adorable little black paws and a really distinct black stripe down his back. He was named after the highly educated owl from Disney’s Sword in the Stone – my favourite Disney film and our favourite character.


He came home at 8 weeks old and immediately took over our lives, in the best possible way. Friends that came to visit couldn’t believe how small he was and our families fell in love with him instantly.


Pug puppy


Although Archie isn’t a full pug, he’s a dachshund x pug mix, he certainly has a lot of pug traits. His character really stands out and he is one stubborn little beast! He’s got the most ridiculous little underbite which often has people laughing at his snaggle teeth.



When Archie was about 3 years old, he started to have liver problems and after being investigated at the vets, we found out that he had a liver abnormality that needed surgery. After a very touch and go couple of days he came through it all, but the result now is that he has to be on a special hepatic diet for the rest of his life, to try and support his liver.


These days, he spends his days doing whatever the hell he wants. Mostly because he ignores most of what we tell him not to do! This is a dog who once ran into the middle of a family picnic, stole a cheese sandwich right out of a little girl’s hand and legged it. He loves stealing strawberries from people’s plants, (especially AJ’s Dad’s!) eating the fuschia plants in our garden (no idea why), running around our sofa in circles at a high speed and most of all, snuggling as often as possible. We wouldn’t have him any other way!





Archie pug


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