Learning Thai cooking at Thaikhun Southampton!

This week I was very lucky to be invited to the first ever Southampton Thaikhun cookery school, which has now launched in their Southampton Westquay restaurant. I hadn’t yet had the chance to visit Thaikhun so it was the perfect opportunity to go and check out their menu.

When we arrived the cooking area was already set up and waiting for us, with all the ingredients we needed to cook our own authentic thai dinner – with the added bonus of mocktails, yum!

Thaikhun southampton


Cocktails at thaikhun southampton


We donned our aprons and very cool (ahem) looking chef hats and had an introduction from the chef about what we were making before jumping straight in with a hot and sour soup.


The best bit about this was that we could see all the fresh ingredients laid out in front of us and could see exactly what goes into the meals they prepare, the same as the food on their menu! This also meant that any dietary requirements could be easily looked after because you could simply leave out any ingredients that you didn’t want to/couldn’t eat. Chef was always on hand to give advice and some very funny commentary along the way.



Most awkward chef ever award goes to… me

Tom yum soup at Thaikhun southampton

After wolfing down the soup; which was divine, we got straight on with making our classic pad thai dishes. We had a demonstration from the chef which also included another explanation of all the ingredients and how they add flavour to the finished result – before trying to remember how to reconstruct it ourselves!


Pad thai at Thaikhun southampton


Pad thai at Thaikhun southampton

The servings were enormous which meant as an even bigger bonus, we got to take the leftovers home in a cute little takeaway box, along with a little bag of Thaikhun goodies. Hello next day’s work lunch.

I’ve never tried a cookery class before but I absolutely loved it. The food was amazing and the staff were super helpful along the way, I would definitely try something like this again. If you fancy booking into Thaikhun’s cooking school, or just seeing some of the lush food on offer, take a look at the website for more details.


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