A weekend in Brno

I have to be completely honest before launching into this post. I didn’t really know where Brno was before I decided to book flights. I had vaguely heard of it and I saw another blogger write about it ages ago, but it didn’t really stick in my mind.


Last year, for my birthday, my mum gave me the genius birthday present of Ryanair gift vouchers for my birthday present. I wanted to travel more but finding money for airfare when you’re buying and renovating a house isn’t exactly easy.


Last year, Rosie and I went to Copenhagen for a random weekend of pottering around and we decided to do the same thing again his year. I could write a whole separate post about finding cheap flights and destinations, but lets just say that we settled on Brno having read into a bit more. It attracted us because the flights were cheap (around thirty pounds each, return) and I read some bits and bobs about it being overall fairly cheap, and a good alternative to visiting Prague. We booked a little apartment on Air bnb with a cute little mezzanine floor and we were ready to go!


Writing full on travel guides is not my thing, but I thought I’d share some of the highlights instead. I keep describing Brno as “Prague, before Prague became Prague”. Before Prague became overrun with stag do’s and was actually just a beautiful city and a value for money city break destination – that’s Brno.


All the people we encountered were friendly, the food was amazing and there are so many beautiful buildings all throughout the city. It was small enough that we didn’t need to use any public transport and could walk to everything we wanted to do. The airport was around a fiver in an uber (yep.. we caved and used uber.. but only to get back to the airport) and yes, it was super cheap.

Eating and drinking:

Super Panda Circus
A super cool speakeasy bar near the Castle. I wont give away all the details, but think lush leather couches,  cocktails made to order (based on your mood) and an incredible looking bar.

Skog Urban Hub
Pastries, lush decor and the most amazing 70% dark hot chocolate. Industrial style, exposed wood, and the smell of fresh coffee.



 Chimney cake

Just look at it. Buy it from a hatch on the street and enjoy.


Yes, OK, a pasta restaurant features on my highlights and yes I am food obsessed. but it was great. trust me. So much so that Rosie and I genuinely considered ordering a second main
course, and even thought about going back there the following day. Its a super small restaurant and they like to keep things simple. The inside isn’t ostentatious and neither is the menu. Pick a type of pasta, pick a sauce, eat. Its so so good. For a pasta serving and large glass of wine it came to around a fiver, and it was really tasty!

Things to do/visit:

The Ossuary of St James Church (Kostnice u sv. Jakuba)
Not everyone’s cup of tea, but something I really wanted to check out. The ossuary is the second largest in Europe and was set up as a burial exchange system; after 10-12 years bodies in the church cemetery were exhumed and placed in charnel houses, and new bodies took their place in the graves. There’s an eerie, but peaceful feeling walking around. You’re allowed to take pictures, but no flash.


Spilberk Castle
Surrounded by beautiful grounds (and with a cafe!). The castle is a really great place to visit on a warm sunny day. We pottered around the grounds taking in the views and snapping away. For a small entrance fee you can also walk through the old casemates and look at some of the exhibitions.





I would really recommend visiting Brno for the weekend – it is a great little getaway and you can do it to suit even small budget. Has anyone else been to Brno or planning a trip there?


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