True tea club – review

Tea and I; we’ve been friends for years. My Monday mornings are almost completely powered by Tea! I have always been a fan of the classic tea in a bag; splash of milk, teaspoon of sugar. Lets, please, not get into the milk/water first debacle here.

Because of my love for “classic” tea, I have only very recently dabbled in the world of green teas and loose leaf teas. Green tea used to make me screw up my face like someone had forced me to drink coffee (haha, sorry coffee lovers). I recently heard about True Tea Club and knew I had to give them a go. A loose leaf tea subscription box? YES PLEASE.

Rainbow chaser loose leaf tea

True tea club



If you don’t have a loose leaf tea receptacle its OK – you get some drawstring tea bags to use, so you can just pop a teaspoon of your tea into the bag and then into your mug. I have to admit I have even rinsed out and re-used one already – I don’t like waste, OK?!

Each tea comes with  instructions on the front of the pouch to tell you how many teaspoons to use per serving, and there’s also a card that tells you how long to brew for, and what temperature the water should be! Easy. True Tea Club was founded in York in North Yorkshire and their aim is to source delicious tea from all over the world; but working with small “grass-roots” producers where they can. And actually, its really nice to be subscribing to a company that have those values in mind, and are also a British based company.

I have already fallen in love with their Rainbow Chaser tea – it is so pretty (which is not something I ever thought I would say about a tea) and has a really delicate flavour. It’s got a really light floral vibe, but its not overpowering or soapy. In fact all of the teas I have tried so far has been really delicious and looks amazing! I can also really recommend the Mighty Mango Green Tea.





The other great thing about it being a subscription is that you can let them know your preferences, if there are types of tea you really don’t like. If you’re into tea, I cant recommend True Tea Club enough! I also have to give kudos to Jenny’s blog – because it was her review that made me give it a try in the first place. If you fancy giving them a go, you can go here to find out more about the different levels of subscription.

Has anyone else tried them out? What did you think?




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