Endless appetisers at TGI Fridays (Southampton)

I don’t know about you guys, but appetisers (starters) are my jam, when it comes to eating out. Sure, I love chocolate and the odd pudding, but for me, savoury is the absolute king. Given the choice between some sort of molten cheese and ice cream, it’s cheese every time, hands down. I got a promotional email recently from TGI Fridays about their new endless appetisers and knew I immediately had to get involved. Note: it was just a mailing list email and this isn’t part of any sponsored post or collaboration.

AJ and I often go to the TGI Fridays in Southampton (the original one, in West Quay Retail Park), it’s kind of our go-to when we fancy a local meal out; I am addicted to their blue cheese dip, and AJ is an absolute connoisseur of burgers. It’s super close to us so convenient and easy to get to.. and home when you’ve had cocktails!!

The menu is available Sunday – Thursday, from 7pm, and you can pick between one bottomless dish (£9.99), or pay extra to be able to eat any of the appetisers as many times as you like. We both went for the open choice option, which cost £12.99 each. The worst part about this promotion is that it doesn’t include any of the TGI Fridays Jack Daniels branded recipes, so no sesame chicken strips. But, it does include a couple of different wings options, mozzarella dippers, potato skins, hummus, nachos (with or without chicken) and some other bits and bobs; 22 options in total.

Here’s some of what we had:


Scorpion wings


TGI Fridays nachos




So. Much. Cheese.

Overall we managed to have 4 plates each, but were pretty full after that. A table next to us managed to have 6 plates. But. And there is a but. Our service was AWFUL. It actually came as a surprise as this particular TGI Fridays restaurant is usually pretty good (hence why we got there a lot). It almost made me wonder if they were being slow on purpose so we ate less..!

One of our orders took over 20 minutes to make it out of the kitchen. And our waitress was nowhere to be seen for most of the evening – despite it being a fairly quiet Monday evening. It was a bit disappointing because we ended up leaving at about 10pm (having arrived just after 7) because every order took so long. But I will acknowledge that sometimes people just have off days; and it was sort of helped by them discounting one round of drinks for us.

The terms and conditions do ask that you finish each plate before ordering another to avoid food waste, and that you can’t share plates with other people. Endless appetisers is also only available after 7pm.

Tips to get the most out of the experience? Go on a quiet day, grab your server whenever they walk past to order again, get there early! I also made the mistake of having the hot wings, not realising they were the ‘scorpion’ hot wings, which was hilarious, but did result in watering eyes and pink cheeks!

Overall, it’s a great way to have a really varied meal out, at a reasonable cost.  Has anyone else tried it yet?



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  1. February 12, 2017 / 3:49 pm

    Oh my god!!! Basically this post just makes me hungry!! I haven't been to TGI Friday's for so long!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

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