How we restored our fireplace – and choosing our log burner

One of the main things I looked for when we began our long and drawn out house hunt was to make sure we would be able to have some sort of fireplace in the house. My mum’s house has one and I know from experience there is nothing cosier then settling down in front of a toasty fireplace!

With the immense popularity of log burners these days, you don’t even need to have a chimney to be able to have a fireplace in your house, but I personally love the look of a big open fireplace, especially if you can restore it to the original size.

It was an added bonus that the house we ended up buying had one of the original chimneys left; although we had no idea what was behind the hideous electric fire in front of it. The only way to find out was to rip it apart and hope for the best….

I am SO so pleased with how the fireplace came out! Part of that is because I got to smash out most of the bricks myself and make a big mess and then put it all back together again. The best part came when someone came round to check it over and quote to install the log burner – he told us that the original soldier course was still there, and meant we could restore up to the beautiful brick arch. We were also really lucky that the brickwork in the chimney was still in really good condition – all I had to do was rip off the old plaster and expose the lovely red bricks! Our house is over 100 years old and it feels nice to be able to use some of the original features, but bring them up to date!

The next step is to choose our log burner – there are so many to choose from! I’ve been doing a lot of log burner hunting recently; thoroughly enjoying look at all the lush fires!

Flavel Arundel 4.9kw Stove

Esse One Wood Burning Stove

Firefox 8 DEFRA Approved Stove

Firewarm 4

Firefox 5

I can’t wait to get our burner installed – has anyone else had one fitted?


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