3 months into our house renovation

I know its a cliche to say it, but time really has flown by in this house renovation. I really cant believe we have now lived here for 3 months! Especially after all of our house hunting woes so far!


It’s been a very busy time since we bought this house and we we are now three months in our house renovation; made slightly more difficult to manage as AJ has been away on tour for the last 4/5 weeks of things. It has also resulted in Archie being packed away to stay with family for the most part, because I have been living in what can only really be described as a building site.


Until this weekend, there was no central heating (installed, but no radiators on the walls to use it), no carpets anywhere in the house, missing doors, and a LOT of dust. Honestly, you have never seen so much dust. There was a few days where I wondered if I would just become one with the dust because it was just everywhere. EVERYWHERE.


Enough about dust. I’ve paired up some recent pictures of the house with the Estate Agent’s pictures that were taken just before we moved. I should point out that, looking at the pictures you will probably wonder why we have totally trashed the place. What the pictures don’t show, is the rising damp, peeling wallpaper, mouldy plaster (didn’t know that was a thing) and lumpy walls…


This is the master bedroom. This room had mouldy plaster in one corner, the wallpaper was peeling off, and those giant hideous wardrobes were an absolute nightmare to take down! We steamed off the wallpaper, taking most of the plaster with it, removed the wardrobes, re-wired the sockets, re-plastered, misted, painted and put coving and skirting boards on. The room has since been carpeted and has some furniture in it – but more of that to follow later!


Our house renovation - Becausenicole.com


Our house renovation - Becausenicole.com




Our house renovation - Becausenicole.com

This space has obviously had the biggest change; we’ve ripped out the electric fire and opened out the fireplace to expose the original brick arch (I LOVE this fireplace), knocked down a supporting wall and put in a longer steel beam all the way across the room, pulled down the glass panelling above the stairs, put in a new oak bannister, ripped out the cupboard under the stairs, pulled up the carpets, damp proofed, re-wired and re-plastered the whole room, and started misting the new plaster ready for painting. Pulling down the wall and putting the steel in is by far the biggest aspect of this job so far; the cause of epic amounts of dust and also the most expensive single piece of work.. but so worth it.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be finishing off the little touches in the bedroom, getting another bit of upstairs hallway plastered and then getting our skirting boards and internal doors fitted and painted ready for the rest of the carpet! Of course, while I cook myself in the central heating, to make up for lost time. Probably my least favourite part of this house renovation has been the combination of cold and dust.


I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so far. It goes without out saying that it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of friends and family who have turned up to paint, offered their houses for somewhere warm and clean to sleep (yes, its been that bad) and leant us tools and listened to me waffle on about paint and plaster over and over again. AJ and I both work full time hours, so all the work we’ve done (apart from the bits we’ve paid other people to do) have been at weekends and after work. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have got home from work, spent 4-5 hours painting, sanding, cleaning, etc, and falling into a cold bed.. Actually not even a bed.. we had a mattress on the floor! But it has been so worth it – I cant wait to finish the first “stage” of our project and start to enjoy our house together!


Is anyone else attempting a house renovation project? Please send me links and photos – I’d love to see what everyone else is up to!


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  1. November 14, 2016 / 9:35 pm

    Oh wow! There is still a lot of work to do but seeing progress brings the horizon a bit nearer. Love the new wall colour in the master bedroom.

    Lots of energy and good progress for your renovations ��

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