A Bank Holiday Catch Up

My first little proper dabble into blogging has been so interesting. I have learned so much from reading other blogs and tweets and twitter chats; more than anythingI’m just really impressed I have actually stuck to it and not given up.

What I have learned though, is that my choice of blog name and domain name was really not ideal. More on that later, but this might well be my last post with my blog in its current format and with its current name.

My bank holiday was far busier than I had planned; I am always very guilty of going full throttle during the week – working, studying, house buying, normal life things. Then come the weekend my brain is slowly giving up and begging for a rest. And oh! do I rest. There are countless times I have found myself wasting weekends by mooching around in my pyjamas, watching Netflix until Netflix has the cheek to see if I’m still there (YES I’m STILL watching Gossip Girl, k) and then feeling guilty for it. Not this weekend!

The bit I was most looking forward to was having a snoop around my friend’s beautiful new house. They lived in their current home for years, but this move means they are closer to me (yay) and moved into a beautiful little cottage type house in a really beautiful location.

On Saturday, we packed up Archie and headed over to see my friend Rosie, her husband Tom and their dog Bodhi in their lovely new home. I had already seen some pictures online and was desperate to have a nosy around. The dogs ran around like lunatics in the garden, winding each other up and Archie stealing Bodhi’s toys. We pottered around checking out the beautiful sash windows, light and airy rooms and the box room (we shall speak no more of the box room, for fear of my life).

We all walked into the centre of Lymington and went for lunch at a local pub. We weren’t really sure what the weather would be up to but opted for somewhere with a garden so we could take the dogs and ended up catching some lovely sunshine while we ate. I chose nachos, which was supposed to be for two people to share… and ate pretty much all of it. Oops!

After lunch we walked down the main high street and through the market (Tom stopping to buy Bodhi a toy that looked like Bodhi) and headed straight for the ice cream shop. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering along the shore and through boat yards and eyeing up all the lovely leafy houses, some of which had beautiful Wisteria plants clambering all over them (hello #wisteriawatch).

After what was a surprisingly exhausting day (especially for little Archie Pug) we headed home and settled down for the evening with home made pizza to nibble on and a series to watch – The Jinx – has anyone else seen it?

Sunday was a day of rest and studying for me. I have exams coming up in a few weeks so I couldn’t very well go and have fun all weekend!

On Monday, AJ went to a music festival, so I arranged to hang out with some friends and go for a walk in the forest (yay more dogs!) I drove to my friend Sarah’s flat and after Archie tore around the place like a small lunatic, tail between legs, jumping on furniture, we headed out to meet Emma and Rosie.

We all drove to Ashurst in the New Forest to go for a walk; the plan was dog walks and lunch – perfect! We set out from the campsite near the train station and just wondered along with the dogs; chatting, catching up, climbing trees and enjoying the fresh air. It was absolute bliss.

Until I fell in a bog. Which was so funny, but not on the wish list for the day. Hilarity and what looked like something out a sketch show ensued, where 4 grown women and two dogs attempted to cross what was around 2 feet of water and mud.. I fell in the mud, Emma dunked a foot in the mud and Sarah and Rosie wobbled over a mini tree bridge. We emerged muddy and crying with laughter, but just about whole (apart from my dignity, goodbye).

We actually ended up walking a long way accidentally, but it was fine – we knew where we were going the whole time. Ahem. We looped around and left the forest at exactly the right spot – the pub. We settled down for lunch, me with a  sleepy, muddy pug on my lap and huge portions of lovely pub grub, before heading home for a thorough de-mud and good nights sleep before the start of a new working week.

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