There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with.. Burgers?

Before I had my current job, I started my law career at a firm in Southampton and accidentally made some pretty great friends. There were a lot of ups and downs, but it was the birthplace of “cool corner” (typing that makes it sound even more lame) and I am really lucky to say that some of the people who gave me my first shot at progressing my career are still my friends today.

This weekend I met up with two such pals in Winchester. We try and meet up every now and then to catch up on each others lives and gossip about the legal world (personal injury is a small world, like, really small). It usually involves beer and rarely involves food.

This time around, we had strict orders to eat; before we drank too much and ended up with sore heads the next day. The last few times the three of us have met up, we’ve been to the same place. I daren’t say its become tradition, but there’s a pattern appearing! Actually there was this one other time at someone’s house where a lot of home brewed beer was consumed..

That place is the Bishop on the Bridge, in Winchester. It’s a Fuller’s pub and it ticks all the boxes. It has a beautiful central fireplace, beer garden and most importantly, great food. I really enjoy “pub grub” style food; platters and burgers and hearty mains and the Bishop has it all, but with a lovely ambience.

Although we went on a busy Saturday afternoon/evening, we managed to find somewhere to sit. The specials board had me at hello, with the promise of fresh dishes and at a pretty reasonable price. After pondering the baked brie for a long time, I decided to go for the beef burger as I’d heard good things. I added mushroom and stilton, because, cheese. It was divine and gooey and full of flavour.

Despite the busy afternoon, the service was good and the burger was great. Crispy plump chips, beef patty full of flavour and melted stilton all over the place. Drool.

After we had eaten we skipped off to several another pub, went on a pilgrimage via the Cathedral to find a very specific pub, that turned out to be nowhere near as good as remembered, watched a man drunkenly fall off his chair (and then cry) and eventually headed home. All in a night’s work.

Winchester has a lot to offer for eateries and places to drink, but this will remain a firm favourite of mine (and the rest of cool corner) for the foreseeable future.

Has anyone else been to the Bishop on the Bridge, or have any recommendations for other awesome eateries we can try next time?


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