A weekend break in Copenhagen

In January 2016, I took the first steps towards my goal to “do more” and I went to Copenhagen. I’m not really sure why we picked it, except that the flights were cheap and we had heard good things.

After some scrabbling and searching, we booked a cute apartment through Air bnb and did absolutely no preparation. Yep. None. I bought a mini guide book so that we might have some vague idea of where we might visit and my travel buddy Rosie tweeted and asked for some tips.

We spent our days pottering around; eyeing up the food market, eating, eating and some more eating. Copenhagen was beautiful and snowy. Not in a sludgy British way, but crisp and clean. We had no agenda, except being guided by our bellies and trying desperately to fit in all of the eateries that had been recommended.

We sat in cafés and sipped warm drinks so that we could feel our fingers again. We walked for miles, taking snaps along the way. We made friends with a man at an olive stall, rode the metro (in several directions.. we got lost) and in the evenings, collapsed back into our apartment, threw off our snowy shoes, drank wine and soaked up all the Hygge.

For those that don’t know, Hygge (“hue-gah”) is a beautiful Danish word which roughly translates to cosiness and you need it in your life. It is candles, soft lighting, soft furnishings and conversation.

Norrebro, Copenhagen
Our apartment in Nørrebro
Fresh sourdough pizza.                      Warm and sugary chai latte.
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Nyhavn harbour

Best bits: pizza at Mother, brunch at The Laundromat Café and the beautiful Botanical gardens we discovered by accident on our last day.

Worst bits: despite how beautiful everything looked in the snow, we couldn’t visit Tivoli Gardens because of the time of year. The gardens open in April, when the weather gets a bit warmer.

Copenhagen can be expensive (in places) compared to other cities I have visited, but there are lots of good flight deals out there to help balance it out and there are plenty of things you can do for free, if you’re travelling on a budget.

Botanical gardens, Copenhagen
Rosie in the Botanical gardens

I’ve kept this post purposely brief; I like to remember the little things and I would seriously doubt my abilities to write a comprehensive travel guide. But I also think its nice to keep some of the details packed away in my own head; just for me.

 If you want to know a bit more about what we did day to day, where we ate, what we saw, and some lovely snaps, you can take a peek at Rosie’s blog post.

Has anyone else got any adventures planned for this year?


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