The Rosacea diaries – Introduction

Yep, I have Rosacea. Groan. It took me a really long time to accept that I have an actual skin condition and not to try and blame it on a reaction to products/damp/dust/life.

I have all the classic traits; fair skin, go red really easily, sensitive skin blah blah.

I’ve had Rosacea now for 3 years and it suddenly developed

a few months after AJ and I had moved in together. Mine appears as big red patches on my cheeks (butterfly rash), dry skin, spots and excessive flushing. Before I had it, my skin was pretty good.

I tried absolutely everything to get rid of it. I exfoliated loads, I avoided exfoliating completely. I put heaps of moisturisers on, I avoided all skin care products completely. Then came the antibiotics; the long term ones they give people with acne, the medicated face creams and washes. None of them even touched it. I went to the GP, I cried, I begged to see a dermatologist and even tried laser skin rejuvenation. It didn’t work.

I’ve finally understood what works for my skin and what doesn’t. I’m lucky in that none of the usual food triggers seem to affect me (except ginger.. get it far away from me). Last year, I was able to go on holiday and lay in the sun (with some help from a lot of SPF) and actually tan my face. People without problem skin will not understand the level of joy this caused me. As far as Rosacea sufferers go, mine is fairly mild and I am very grateful for that. Small wins.

I now stick to a pretty rigid skincare regime, although I am always on the look out for tried and tested products that might help.  Here’s a few of my bedtime routine favourites, that help me keep the worst of it at bay (in order of use):

1. Lush Ultrabland (£7.50 for 45g).

Massage in to remove makeup and dirt, wipe off with a warm flannel. Super kind to sensitive skin and full of natural goodness.

2. Boots Essentials cucumber cleanser (£1.50 for 150ml).

A basic and budget product. I use this on a cotton pad as my second cleanse, to make sure my face is squeaky clean. Cheap, smells great and helps soothe angry skin.

3. Alpha H Liquid gold (£33.50 for 100ml from Cult Beauty).

This little guy needs no introduction. I use it every other day to avoid the dead skin build up associated with Rosacea. Sometimes I put this on and don’t moisturise over the top, to give my skin a bit of a blast.

4. Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster (£20 for 15ml from Selfridges & Co).

I was bought this for Christmas and completely fell in love. I use it on areas where my skin gets dry.

5. Super Facialist overnight skin recovery cream (£14.99 for 75ml).

I use this as my night cream. It has a nice consistency, isn’t oily and soaks in well. Probiotics and botanicals to put some goodness back in and renew skin.

Does anyone have any great products or recommendations for Rosacea?


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