A Series of Small Adventures

I have never been one for New Years’ resolutions. Mostly because I don’t stick to them. I sort of feel that if I need to make a resolution to do something, I should just do it anyway.

But this year, I decided to give myself an ambiguous resolution; to do more.
I know, its a bit odd sounding, but applicable to a lot of situations.. Just hear me out!

I wanted to use my time better; to do more, to explore new things, whatever they may be. It doesnt necessarily mean going on lots of holidays or spending loads of money.. But minimising time spent sitting in front of the TV/phone screen and getting involved in more.

I set myself a goal of going on (at least) 4 mini adventures this year (excluding visiting places in the UK). AJ is in a band and has a habit of popping off on tour and playing festivals over the summer months, so my plan was to give myself some little adventures in between, so I don’t get jealous of all the awesome places he gets to visit. I suffer from serious FOMO (fear of missing out).

So far, I’ve visited Copenhagen and Warsaw in 2016 and I’ll be doing posts over the next week or so about where we went and what we did (what we ate, mostly, lets be honest here).

BUT! I still have at least two more trips I’d like to go on this year and I’m open to suggestions. I cleverly asked my family to buy me travel vouchers for my birthday, so I have money to spend on Ryanair flights whenever I feel like it. Told you it was a clever idea! But I have no idea where I should visit..

I’d love to hear any suggestions of places to visit this year; I’m planning my next trip for May/June. Has anyone been on any awesome little weekends away that they would recommend?


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