I'm Nicole.

Because Nicole, I suppose, is a lifestyle blog (AKA a bit of everything).

I'm 30 and live in Southampton with Adam (AJ) and our dogs Archimedes (Archie) and Fox. Archie is a pug x dachshund. He's named after the character from the Sword in the Stone and spends his days reclining on the sofa and hoovering the kitchen floor. Fox is a former Romanian street dog who came into our lives in the Summer of 2017.

At work, I'm training to be a Chartered Legal Executive (lawyer) and spend my days balancing working, studying and pottering round.

I love eating (a lot), adventuring, crochet, playing netball, photographing, learning new things, giving people stupid nicknames and finding ways to battle with Rosacea (groan).

Check out my contact page if you'd like to get in touch.