A Weekend Diary - And my first blogger meet!

Monday, 5 June 2017
The weekend just gone was my first back after my trip to Canada and so, of course, I jam packed lots of things into it - even though what I probably should have done is just stay at home and study!

On Friday night, AJ and I went out for dinner at Red Dog Saloon in Westquay, Southampton. I'd wanted to try it since it first opened, but we have so many 'staples' we always go back to, it's sometimes difficult to convince yourself to try something new. That and the fact that we had heard that the service wasn't great. I figured it was probably teething problems on opening a new restaurant so took the plunge. 

I'm really glad we did! The service was great and the food was l u s h. We hadn't booked a table and it was a Friday night.. I know.. Amateurish behaviour. However, the girl dealing with table bookings managed to find us a table, but on the proviso we had to vacate in an hour. Seems a bit harsh, but that's better than not being able to go - and at least she told us up front!

The following morning, I got myself up bright and early to do chores (boo) and get ready to go to the Southampton Bloggers brunch (yay) at Rogues Cafe in Southampton. The cafe is the site which was formerly the downstairs part of the Stage Door and it has been totally transformed! The downstairs space is bright and airy and the menu is incredible!

Seeing as I'm not quite a millennial and we've already bought a house, I figured it was OK for me to get avocado on toast (HA.. don't even get me started on that whole saga). I coupled it up with an OJ and also some iced tea and met some lovely local bloggers - perfect! 

The rest of Saturday afternoon was a bit of a write off as shortly after leaving, I drove to my mum's house, where I promptly ate even more food; olives, sun dried tomatoes, bread, balsamic vinegar... yum yum!

Saturday evening, AJ and I ventured to Ikea; armed with a list of things-we-really-need-to-sort-out-in-our-house. Believe me when I say that list is never ending. The culmination of an almost 2 hour trip to Ikea (urgh) was that we managed to find a new armchair to go in our bay window, along with lots of other bits and bobs to add some more homely touches to the house! Of course.. It still had to be approved by Archie pug..!