A sunny January weekend - In Pictures

Tuesday, 31 January 2017
The sort of post I've wanted to write for a while. Less of my waffle and more pictures, in a nutshell.

We spent the weekend enjoying the not so frequent sunshine, using the opportunity to give Archie a good old stretch of his legs - instead of the rainy sprint around the block we've had to do of late. We shopped in Wickes for exciting things like screws (no, really), re-started work on the house, did some dodgy DIY and sat on our bums watching Sherlock. Time to admit we only just started watching it, and I'm hooked!

Sunny Saturday morning walks

 The most exciting shopping trip, ever

Paint-gate - The paint that said it was powder grey.. But is definitely blue! Sigh. 

The original brass curtain ties we 'rescued' from the house while ripping everything out finally have a new home; next to our white voile curtains and spring sage walls.

The living room is finally starting to feel like a home! Those ugly, broken, blinds are the next to go.


The rainy Sunday morning snuggle

How did everyone else spend their weekend?